Community DeFi Rediscovered.

RELIC is a unique community driven (DeFi) token that is deflationary and features automated yield and liquidity generation. RELIC is built with the community at heart and transparency in mind.

Designed to be the most holder centric token on the market today, RELIC offers a unique feature set not available on any other tokens at launch.

Relic Contract
Chart: DexTools

RELIC Snapshot

Unique Community Pool with 100% Distribution to Holders

RELIC is a unique token that features a dedicated community pool.

Each RELIC Transaction collects a 2% fee, which is added directly into the community pool. Throughout the year, as the community pool is drawn down – holders benefit with an unprecedented 100% reflection of the draw down amount > back into their wallets!

Automated Liquidity Pooling, Liquidity Locked in Contact and Rug Proof

Each RELIC transaction automatically contributes towards generating liquidity in Pancake Swap.

Seeded and automatically generated liquidity is locked within the Relic Smart Contract and cannot be withdrawn until the ownership locking period has elapsed.

Deflationary with built-in Tokenomics​

RELIC provides one of the highest holder distribution reflection models on the market today!

Each transaction sees a 1% burn and collects a further 3% fee that is reflected to all RELIC holders.

Unlike other tokens – the blackhole does not get any reflections! Yes that’s right, reflections ONLY go to RELIC holders.

Quarterly Charity Initiatives

RELIC aims to provide back to the community through dedicated quarterly charity initiatives.

A dedicated charity wallet has been created for charity drives and funding.

Each quarter the RELIC community decides on the charities for donations; donations are decided by the community for the community.

Smart Contract Audited

RELIC has been audited by Quill Audits. [ View Full Audit Report ]

Quill Audits is a reputable firm in the Crypto market, that provide Smart Contract Auditing Services, DeFi Safety Auditing, Cybersecurity Solutions for Blockchain and Crypto Products.

Unique Community Pool Mechanism

RELIC contains a unique community pool account to support quarterly community reflections.

Any RELIC transaction performed by the community pool account distributes 100% of the transaction amount to existing holders via tokenomics.

More Reflections than other Tokens

RELIC holders benefit from more reflections than many other tokens currently on the market that supports deflation and tokenomics.

All internal contract related accounts have been excluded from receiving rewards, which means 100% of the reflected tokens go directly to RELIC holders, this is in addition to the community pool mechanism.

Un-Ruggable Liquidity Pool and Future Proofing for Exchanges and AMM Markets

The RELIC owner account will be locked for 5 years with all generated LP tokens locked in the smart contract.

RELIC is also future-proofed by allowing the pool owner to utilize a number of functions that support onboarding of exchanges and community operations. (See Whitepaper)

This provides RELIC holders an unprecedented level of transparency and the RELIC ecosystem infinite possibilities for the future.

Relic Roadmap

Snapshot of Relic

Below is a snapshot of Relic – for more detail see the White Paper.

Token Info:

  • Launch Date: 16th August 2021
  • Token Name: RELIC
  • Initial Supply: 1 Trillion Tokens
  • Fees: 8% Fee on Each Transaction
  • Burn Rate: 1% of Transaction Amount
  • Burn Stops: 1 Billion Tokens

Launch Details:

  • 80% tokens added into pancake swap liquidity pool
  • 5% added to RELIC development wallet
  • 1% added to RELIC charity wallet
  • 10% reserved for Dev team
  • 40 billion RELIC tokens reserved for airdrops (4%)
  • Owner Account locked for 5 years
  • Liquidity uniquely Locked inside the Relic Contract

Relic Launch Distribution